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Technologies & Innovations

Technology for passenger car tires

We are experts when it comes to tires. Many years of experience and the competence of our employees are the basis for our innovative technologies.

Original Equipment

We develop tires according to the special requirements of our customers. The adjustment of a certain driving behaviour is our special competence.

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Our Technologies


ContiSilent reduces noise perceived as particularly annoying inside the vehicle – including rolling noise – by as much as nine decibels.

This technology takes the form of a special foam layer attached to the inside of the tire tread. It blocks the vibrations generated as the tire rolls along the road surface while the vehicle is in motion.

Since the foam layer is bonded to finished summer tires after the tire production process and is compatible with all commonly available rims, ContiSilent does not affect driving characteristics such as braking, handling, mileage, load, speed or wet-road performance. 

The technology is especially beneficial in electric vehicles because these do not generate the engine noise of combustion-engined vehicles and so are much quieter on the road.

High Load Capacity

Since 2021, Continental has been producing passenger car tires with the new HL  load index code. Compared with conventional XL-standard tires, HL tires have a higher load capacity even with the same tire pressure as XL-standard tires. 

The load capacity of an HL tire is 825 kg (load index 101), which is ten percent higher than the old XL standard with a load capacity of 750 kg (load index 98).

Due to the batteries installed inside them, electric vehicles are heavier than combustion-engined vehicles. But thanks to our HL tires, you are guaranteed a pleasant driving experience even when carrying heavy loads.


The ContiSeal technology allows you to safely continue your journey even if a tire is damaged. 

A highly elastic protective layer on the inside of the tire closes in around penetrating objects in just a fraction of a second and reliably seals the puncture even when the object has been removed from the tread (e.g. through the rotation of the tire). 

ContiSeal is capable of reliably sealing even holes with a diameter as much as five millimeters. This allows around 80 percent of punctures to be fixed immediately so that you can drive to the nearest auto repair shop.

Self Supporting Runflat

Our runflat technology is designed for situations in which tires suffer even more severe damage and actually start losing air. The tire is supported by a specially designed reinforced sidewall. So if your tire gets a puncture, this stops the side of the tire from getting crushed between the road and rim and the tire from slipping off. 

 This means that you can drive up to another 80 kilometers to the nearest auto repair shop at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. In normal conditions, self-supporting runflat tires do not have any impact on road performance or vehicle handling.


This tire puncture kit is a must-have in passenger cars fitted with tires with a mandatory maximum tire pressure of three bar. The ContiMobilityKit comes with a compressor and a bottle of sealant with a shelf life of up to five years. 

The kit can be used for sealing punctures with a diameter of up to six mm. Once the sealant has been used, the journey can be continued for another 200 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

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